Industry Leaders

BayMedica is led by a team of scientists with over 100 years combined experience. Together we have 250 peer reviewed publications and 90 published patents, as well as experience bringing solutions to a variety of markets.


Shane Johnson, MD

Dr. Shane Johnson’s career has focused principally on offering strategic business advisory services to companies in the biotechnology and healthcare sectors. His work has included guiding regulatory strategy, product portfolio assessment and valuations, and product development and launch strategies for companies including Biogen Idec, Amgen, and Genentech.  Shane was a Principal at Hamilton BioVentures (a Life Science venture capital firm), an Engagement Manager at L.E.K. Consulting (an international strategy consulting firm), and held operational roles in several early stage companies. For the past 4 years, Shane’s work has been focused on the cannabis and cannabinoid science space, and he has developed a strong working knowledge of clinical opportunities in the sector.  He is currently on the Board of Directors of several cannabis-related companies, and is a co-founder of one of Nevada’s leading cultivators and producers of premium cannabis products including a patented lozenge. Shane holds a B.A. in Studio Art and a B.S. in Neuroscience (with honors) from Brown University, an M.D. from the Stanford University School of Medicine, and is a Fulbright Scholar.

Senior Vice President and General Manager


Philip Barr, PhD

As a graduate student, Dr. Phil Barr invented the antiviral compound Brivudine, which was approved for use in Europe. While Director of Molecular Biology at Chiron (now Novartis) and Adjunct Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at UC San Francisco, Phil headed or worked with teams that used engineered yeast to successfully manufacture yeast-derived recombinant human insulin (Novolin, Novo Nordisk) and gamma-interferon (with Lucky Goldstar), the first bio-pharmaceutical approved for use in Asia. He also developed commercial diagnostic antigens for HIV and HCV,  and later as Founder, CSO and CEO of Arriva Pharmaceuticals, he spearheaded the development of recombinant human alpha 1-antitrypsin for hereditary emphysema. Phil has significant industrial scale experience with yeast, including ultra-low cost manufacturing of biofuels and specialty chemicals. He has specialized in the field of polyketide production in yeast. Significantly, the cannabinoids are members of the polyketide family of natural products. Notably he also holds over 50 issued patents, and has authored some 200 papers and book chapters in chemistry, yeast molecular biology and genetic engineering. Phil holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, has over 30 years of experience in industrial chemistry and molecular biology, and was the primary editor of the first book on commercial yeast genetic engineering.

Vice President, Discovery Research


Charles Marlowe, PhD

While at COR Therapeutics, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Takeda and Exelixis Inc., Dr. Chuck Marlowe was instrumental in helping drive a number of small molecule therapeutics to entry into later-stage clinical trials and FDA approval. These products include Integrilin and Betrixaban (FDA-approved) , Cromafiban, XL147 and XL765 (Phase II, with Sanofi) and Elinogrel Phase III, with Novartis.  Has worked in a number of fields including agricultural chemistry with Dow Chemical, biotechnology with Chiron Corporation (now Novartis Pharmaceuticals), and medicinal chemistry. Most recently Chuck was the Principal of Pharmaceutical Consultants, supplying chemical expertise to startup companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fermentation and the renewable synthetic biology space.  Chuck has authored over 30 publications in leading journals and holds over 25 issued world and US patents. He holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from UC Berkeley, and was an NIH Postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University.

Vice President, Chemistry


Jim Kealey, PhD

Dr. Jim Kealey has an extensive background in biochemistry, molecular biology, enzymology and synthetic biology. He has focused his research efforts using these skills to engineer organisms, including yeast, to produce small molecules, pharmaceuticals, and biofuels. At Intrexon, Jim built and managed a large research team that developed pioneering methods and platforms to convert inexpensive methane into higher value products. His use of a Design-Build-Test-Learn approach allowed him to grow his cross-functional team to 30+ members while rapidly engineering molecules from proof of concept to pilot commercialization scale. In his role as director he served as point person for presenting the team’s work to a variety of outside audiences. Prior to Intrexon, Jim led a number of groups at Amyris whose focus was the rapid engineering and development of S. cerevisiae to produce terpenes for industrial applications – (terpenes are common compounds in cannabis). While as Kosan Biosciences, Jim led groups that focused on the production of polyketides – a class of molecules that include anticancer, antibiotic and cannabinoids. Jim earned a BA in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of UC Santa Cruz and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from UCSF.

Vice President, Synthetic Biology


Chris Meiering, PhD

With a career spanning the scientific and consumer packaged goods industries, including over 20 years of leadership at Zuke’s Performance Pet Nutrition (up through their acquisition by Purina), Dr. Chris Meiering brings a unique skill set to BayMedica. He is a scientist and self-directed business strategist with a history of innovation from concept to shelf and a proven track record bringing products to market. His skills range from  information technology, e-commerce, social media, marketing, innovation, product development & formulation, business development, business insights & sales to molecular biology, genetic engineering and virology. With his unique scientific background and experience Chris has the ability to deliver simple solutions to complex problems in a consumer-friendly manner. He has diverse background and experience in corporate environments including: bootstrap startup, organic growth, equity-backed expansion, merger and acquisition, and large cap consumer packaged goods. Chris received a B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Arizona (magna cum laude), his Ph.D. in microbiology, specializing in molecular virology, from the University of Washington, and performed his post-doctoral research as a fellow at Stanford University.

Vice President, Commercial Operations

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