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Led by a world class team, BayMedica is developing efficient and scalable biosynthetic and synthetic chemistry processes to deliver a portfolio of natural cannabinoids including CBC, CBDV, THCV and CBT as well as novel cannabinoid analogs for life science, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and animal health applications.

The 2023 Edibles & Minor Cannabinoid Market Report is now available.

BayMedica Products


cGMP Cannabinoids Available at Scale

Our family of cGMP, bioidentical cannabinoids are available as individual ingredients for inclusion into consumer health and wellness products.

We have been able to produce the rare cannabinoids cannabichromene (CBC), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), cannabidivarin (CBDV), and cannabicitran (CBT) at commercial scale.

The BayMedica Platform

Biosynthesis is a multi-step process where living organisms use enzymes to catalyze the conversion of simple substrates into complex products. Cannabinoids are one class of compounds synthesized by Cannabis, however, the Cannabis sativa plant is an inefficient biological factory for even the most prevalent compounds such as THC and CBD, which comprise only 2-5% of the biomass of the plant. Cannabis is even less efficient at synthesizing the 100+ minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN and CBDV that typically comprise less than 0.1% of plant biomass.

The BayMedica platform solves this issue by engineering common yeast to convert sugar into cannabinoids, including common and rare natural varieties, as well as novel cannabinoid analogs of pharmaceutical interest. Our platform produces rare, non-intoxicating, naturally-occurring cannabinoids and novel cannabinoid analogs. We also leverage our experience in synthetic chemistry where applicable. BayMedica cannabinoids have a wide variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, consumer and animal health industries.



BayMedica Is A Subsidiary of InMed Pharmaceuticals

InMed is a global leader in the manufacturing and development of rare cannabinoids. InMed is a clinical-stage company developing a pipeline of rare cannabinoid therapeutics and dedicated to delivering new treatment alternatives to patients that may benefit from cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical drugs. InMed is a publicly traded company, listed on the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol INM.

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