Breakthrough on the Entourage Effect – CBC and the Future of Cannabinoid-Based Medicine

Nov 16, 2022

The cannabis industry just got one step closer to a long-sought holy grail – finding the perfect, non-intoxicating therapeutic answer to bodily discomfort. New results from a landmark study offer the industry its first clear look at the power of Cannabichromene (CBC) to unlock the soothing properties of one of the most well-known cannabinoids on the market. Coming just ahead of Baymedica’s own study on the effects of CBC and THCV, the results of this study by Radicle Science demonstrate CBC’s ability to combine with CBD to create a powerful entourage effect that has a major impact on users’ discomfort.

CBC is a potential game changer for those struggling with discomfort

We’ve seen lots of evidence that CBC and other rare cannabinoids have the power to amplify the therapeutic effects of a formulation’s primary ‘active’ cannabinoid, like CBD, CBN, or THC for example – but this time things are different.

In this blinded, randomized, and controlled experiment, researchers studied the effects of various cannabinoid compounds on over a thousand pain sufferers. At the end of the month-long trial, 44.8% of subjects taking formulations containing both CBD and a rare cannabinoid reported statistically meaningful improvements in their pain relief. For the approximately 50 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain, those results are a huge deal.

While the full results have yet to be published, CBC was singled out as the study’s most effective rare cannabinoid at amplifying CBD’s soothing properties in those suffering from moderate pain. We still don’t fully understand the biochemical mechanism behind CBC’s therapeutic impact on discomfort, but researchers at Baymedica are not discounting the possibility CBC may be capable of delivering similar effects as a standalone cannabinoid.

Regardless of exactly how CBC works against discomfort, this study has the potential to open up exciting new branches of cannabis research that R&D leaders like Baymedica are well-positioned to explore. Our current study into THCV and CBC is poised to deliver exciting insights that, like this study from Radicle Science, may give the industry a window into a therapeutic breakthrough.

No more reading (tea) leaves – Baymedica has the insights that you need to drive your business

Cannabinoid research isn’t new – many smaller studies have demonstrated the power of minor cannabinoids to positively impact the therapeutic effects of compounds like THC and CBD. The reason that the Radicle study is so impactful – beyond the fact that it effectively cements CBC as an integral compound in cannabinoid-based therapies of the future – is that the study reflects a wider industry trend towards more rigorous, systematic R&D that is expected to empower innovation across the entire industry.

Historically, high-quality R&D in the cannabis space has been the exception, not the rule. As many in the industry can attest, it can be incredibly difficult to glean meaningful insights from the oceans of anecdotal noise and questionable cannabinoid science. Baymedica is working to fix that. Our research endeavors are designed to give everyone in the cannabinoid marketplace the information that they need to design and consume amazing cannabinoid products backed by data that supports the intended use case.

Our current research focus is a randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled study of how THCV alone, and in concert with CBC, impact energy, focus, attention, appetite, and weight. Like the Radicle study, our large cohort of test subjects will ensure that the data that we collect is well-founded and leads to actionable insights. While we aren’t ready to announce any conclusions yet due to the ongoing nature of the study, we’re excited to be participating in research that may lead to disruptive innovation across the cannabis industry.

At Baymedica, we not only produce the highest quality bioidentical rare cannabinoids to make sure our partners have the compounds that their customers demand today – but our R&D helps you understand what customers will be asking for tomorrow.

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