How to Future Proof Your Rare Cannabinoid Supply Chain

Jun 2, 2022

As everyone in the cannabis and hemp industries knows, supply chain issues can be a major threat to business. The pandemic has unleashed chaos on supply chains across the globe, and the cannabis industry has not been spared. While the COVID-induced supply chain issues will eventually fade, the industry will continue to face uncertainty in the procurement of hardware, packaging, materials, and ingredients for formulations, i.e., the cannabis itself. The cannabis plant, of course, is not stuck on a slow boat from China—and not in short supply. But the nature of the plant itself can cause supply chain issues, particularly for Multi-State Operators (MSOs).  

MSOs face the herculean task of managing brands across multiple states, with varying laws and legalities. One of the most significant challenges they face is brand consistency, which is the cornerstone of any great brand. As anyone who has eaten at McDonald’s can attest, the fries taste the exact same regardless of location. But a lack of federal legalization of recreational and medical cannabis means that current laws prohibit MSOs from deploying consistent formulations. Every McDonald’s across the globe gets their French fries from three Idaho-based producers. Cannabis, however, must be grown in the state it’s sold in. That’s a problem for brand consistency. But it’s not just consistency across state lines. The cannabis plant itself is prone to fluctuations in each harvest. Weather, soil, and cultivation style, and infestations with mold, mildew, and mites,  create anomalies that make consistency impossible—and that can also negatively affect purity.

Producers that utilize minor cannabinoids in their product formulations are facing even bigger roadblocks. Extracting rare cannabinoids from the plant requires significant time and material, which makes predicting shortages in the supply chain difficult—and severely hinders scalability. All the above challenges will persist long after the pandemic-related global supply chain issues subside. Luckily, there’s now a better way to source rare cannabinoids that will help MSOs and other product manufacturers achieve predictability, consistency, purity, and scalability.

 The Evolution of the Cannabis Supply Chain

The cannabis plant is a gift that has changed the lives and health of countless humans for longer than recorded history. But it does have its limitations. To truly improve the wellness of our population, we must ensure that the cannabis plant’s benefits are available to more people. That’s where science comes in.

Rare cannabinoids—including CBC, CBT, CBDV, THCV, and others—can now be produced in a laboratory. And while that might sound like blasphemy to the plant purist, these cannabinoids are perfectly bioidentical to those derived from the plant. It’s the same compound—and in many cases, a purer version, as soil and weather variables are eliminated. This cannabis plant, of course, isn’t going anywhere—nor should it. But lab-created bio-identical cannabinoids are a great way to bridge the gap where traditional extraction falls short for the cannabis business.  The benefits of producing rather than extracting cannabinoids are extensive—purity, consistency, predictability, and scalability, to name a few—especially for the cannabis business. At BayMedica, we have deep respect for the plant and those cultivators who have done so much to bring cannabis to the masses. Our aim is to bring the healing power of the plant to even more people by increasing the supply of canabinoids to meet the demand of the public. 

 BayMedica is Blazing a New Trail in Cannabinoid Production

We’re a team of cannabinoid scientists—you might call us “cannabinoids”—whose work is pushing the next evolution of cannabis in wellness. What we already knew about major cannabinoids like THC and CBD sparked our curiosity to explore the more uncommon cannabinoids. Inspired by nature, we seek to harness the power of rare cannabinoids to promote wellness, every day. 

 Through our proprietary processes, we produce rare and pure cannabinoids that are bioidentical to the plant, including cannabichromene (CBC), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), cannabidivarin (CBDV), and cannabicitran (CBT). We are one of the few companies that can produce these rare cannabinoids with repeatable consistency—and at a commercial scale. With applications for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, recreational products, cosmetics, and pet food, BayMedica cannabinoids will help you develop targeted, consistent, and unique products for your customers while keeping your costs down, and your standards high.

The cannabis industry is evolving quickly. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can future-proof your supply chain—and help grow your business.

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