How To Break Into the Cannabinoid-Infused Beverage Market – Fast

Jan 21, 2023

Get ready, there’s a gold rush coming in cannabinoid-infused beverages. Plenty of big players in the CPG and beverage space have seen the market valuations and are developing products to help them stake their own claims. Now, thanks to Baymedica’s newest product actualization partnership, you don’t need to be a vertically integrated giant like PepsiCo or Seneca Foods to throw your old-timey prospecting hat into the ring.

Whether you are in the low-dose or high-dose camp, BayMedica and their drink additive partner SplashNano™ can help you launch a beverage line in as little as 45 days.

Your cannabinoid product is closer to store shelves than you may think

The asset-heavy model typically associated with ready-to-drink beverages may work for some, but for those who don’t want to deal with supply chain variables, bottling and manufacturing complexity, product development costs, or licensing headaches – just brand and sell a cannabinoid additive that your customers can use to easily infuse any beverage with Baymedica’s industry-leading rare cannabinoids.

As a white-label manufacturer, SplashNano offers many popular cannabinoid product form factors, but their bread and butter is their line of easy-to-use water-soluble cannabinoid drink additives. These additives are all vegan and can be applied to nearly any beverage type. Aside from some slight sweetness and a barely perceptible clouding that occurs in clear beverages, the additives won’t impact the beverage’s flavor or appearance in any way. The chemistry at work in SplashNano’s additives also allows customers to consume Baymedica’s rare cannabinoids in the same beverage as their favorite nutraceuticals, nootropics, and other supplements without any interference from the emulsion itself. The emulsion nanotechnology used by SplashNano allows beverages infused with their additives to deliver astounding levels of cannabinoid bioavailability and rapid onset to customers while remaining extremely shelf stable over time. 

As a company obsessed with the quality and purity of our rare cannabinoids, we love that SplashNano’s emulsion technology is able to deliver Baymedica’s formulations to users so effectively. Their emulsification process yields cannabinoid particulates that are below 50 nanometers – that’s really small. Smaller size means a better chance of absorption by receptors in the body, which means a better physiological experience for customers. Smaller particulates also yield better homogeneity when added to beverages – no blast of first-sip terpene flavor, and no sludgy last-sip sediment.

Want to see for yourself? Request a sample from Splash Nano here

SplashNano™ and Baymedica give you every possible advantage as you go to market

The economic, regulatory, and logistical reasons for partnering with a white-label cannabinoid manufacturer are relatively straightforward, but SplashNano and Baymedica provide some unique advantages that you won’t find anywhere else. 

If you want a real first-mover advantage, you just can’t beat a 45-day speed to market. Opportunities in the rare cannabinoid-infused beverage marketplace are practically endless – but if you’re looking to differentiate by being the first into a particular niche, then you need a white-label partner that can get finished products to your distributor and retailers fast. SplashNano ensures that the individual units are filled, labeled, tamper-evident, and ready to use with only the primary packaging needing to be filled by you or your copacker. If needed, the experts at SplashNano can assist with things like label compliance, primary packaging procurement, and other considerations to ensure that you get your branded additive into that marketplace quickly and easily. 

Innovation and expertise at your fingertips

Whether you’re a seasoned product developer in the beverage space looking for a better way to expand your cannabis product portfolio or you’re new to this particular market, we handle the science so that you can focus on the business of making your brand successful.

It’s important that you understand not just what’s driving this particular consumable cannabis gold rush – but what customers will be asking for tomorrow. Stay tuned for more product news, product actualization announcements,  industry insights, and findings from our ongoing studies into the therapeutic effects of THCV and CBC.

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